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X-HYP Hypervisor
The X-HYP is a type 1 embedded hypervisor for the ARM family architecture. It lets you run multiple operating systems at the same time (It is highly optimized for and integrated with Linux) on a single platform while ensuring a hardware-based isolation between them.
The number of Operating Systems can be run with the hypervisor is only limited of RAM size. x-hyp has been designed to communicate via TCP/IP, and also features shared memory as a means of communication and synchronization between operating systems.
Typical use
Industrial - Avionics systems (ARINC 653), automated inspection, robotic applications, welding control.
Civilian - Automotive systems, elevator control, trafic light control.
Medical - Intensive care monitors, magnetic resonance imaging, remote surgery.
Multimedia - DRM protection, console games, home theaters, simulators.
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About us
MNIS Technologies
A realtime hypervisor for embedded systems
We propose XHYP in two versions: one in Open Source software under GPL license and one with more features under commercial license. If you want to know more, please click on the link below.
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