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MNIS Technologies has developed an embedded hypervisor (type 1) for the ARM family architecture, X-HYP Hypervisor.

It lets you run multiple operating systems at the same time on a single platform while ensuring a hardware-based isolation between them.

Adoption of embedded virtualization allows device manufacturers to design a single solution that easily scales from low-core-count CPUs to high-core-count systems as processing needs dictate.

In safety-critical systems, the safety-certified and noncertified components of the system traditionally must be physically separate, usually requiring multiple individual systems to achieve such separation.

Embedded virtualization and multi-core CPUs offer the opportunity to move existing application stacks to new platforms without the efforts necessary to port single-core applications to multi-core CPUs. It opens up new opportunities for cost savings through hardware consolidation.
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A realtime hypervisor for embedded systems
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